Andy and louise mic dating websites

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Ashley gets a shock when she stumbles across some gay porn in Ollie’s DVD collection and has no choice but to quiz him about it, Lucy reveals to Binky that her and Jamie shared a kiss in Verbier, before Francis tells her Jamie has a girlfriend.

Spencer and Louise’s relationship finally comes to an end following a violent encounter, and she later discovers he cheated on her once again whilst she was in Edinburgh.

Tara isn’t impressed with the rumours about Lucy and has no choice but to confront Jamie about them, and Spencer finally confesses to Louise that he cheated on her, but tells Rosie they’ve slept together since the break-up.

Millie and Rosie are left baffled by Louise and Spencer’s ongoing conflict and aren’t sure who to believe, whilst Proudlock and Phoebe begin to get close despite Josh’s disapproval.

Spencer takes Lucy out on a date and surprises her with tickets to Paris leaving Louise heartbroken and falling into the arms of Andy.

There’s drama at the house-warming when Alex is revealed as Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend, and Olivia quickly becomes defensive for her friend and has it out with Lucy over Alex.Ashley attempts to fix the holes in her relationship with Ollie but Oscar continues to make things difficult.A confused Jamie fears his relationship with Tara may be over.We understand that not everybody can live on the beach, but almost everybody wants to."Our aim is to provide a lifestyle clothing brand inspiring people to get out of the city and get wet at the coast.

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