Anne hathaway and chris pine dating

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Tennis -- especially outside -- where he can work up a good sweat while catching up with old friends, is acceptable. Otherwise, I’ll be chain smoking and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

I I had the fucking willpower.” He’s just off a three-week green juice regimen, his first-ever cleanse, and though he liked how good it made him feel, he is chagrined at one lingering effect: “I can’t eat pasta like I used to, even, like, a month ago. And nothing beats a good bottle of red wine and some Italian food.” He confirms, despite a long list of actresses and models and reality stars he’s been linked to in the past, that he’s currently a bachelor.

Nerd king Joss Whedon (a feminist film studies major once best known for creating , has a simple formula for upping the ante: “You just assume at all times that the audience is as smart -- and probably much smarter -- than you are,” he says.

“The best action movies are when you feel that there’s a credible motivation behind what’s going on. They’ve got this radar for the truth, and they try to apply that—however fantastical the situations may be.” Like those grown-up geeks now let loose in the studios’ big sandbox, Pine is a serious student of the silver screen -- especially its leading men.

“You take someone like a Bruce Willis or a Charles Bronson -- the definition of masculinity there becomes about the ability to inflict violence, take revenge, take what’s yours,” he says.

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He’s come into the prime of his leading man potential just as action movies—still the gold standard for a box office–driven industry obsessed with drawing young men into its clutches—seem to be getting more intelligent, even if they cycle through the same archetypal territories of daddy issues, best-buddy bromances, and reluctant heroism.“I wouldn’t follow me into battle,” Pine told records, grossing almost 0 million worldwide. For way longer than made sense he lived in the same modest apartment and followed the same daily routine: pick up at 7-11, dash across the street for a fancy coffee, dodge traffic, and -- this part was new -- duck the paparazzi. One undeniable upside: being courted by top directors. (Mc G even shot an alternate ending where Pine and Hardy’s characters literally end up in each other’s arms.) In between, Pine did two critically acclaimed plays that won good reviews and a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award.’s cover shoot, “how it becomes purely about the architecture of the shot.”) And a modern male movie star has to take care of his body, or at least pay someone to badger him into yoga or boxing or basically anything that doesn’t require being stuck in a gym. I need to know that I will lose out on money if I don’t show up.“Trying to think of new ways to talk about myself is always… He’d rather wax poetic about masculinity -- and he will, at length. “I don’t even know where to begin.” *** Pine reminds me that there’s something people always say about a guy like him: “The big joke is, what are you going to do with an English major?” He’s not kidding -- he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley’s top-notch English department in 2002 -- but even without the pedigree, it’s obvious this guy is smart. Not just wisecracking late-night talk-show smart or charming, control-the-narrative-of-your-own-cover-story smart.

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