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The Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board executed an Order to the Office of State Ethics Enforcement Division Regarding Advisory Opinion No.

2017-2 to refrain from filing, or prosecuting, any ethics complaint during the remainder of the Corey Edsall's one-year employment contract with UConn.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that the expenditures made by the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering to administer a Fellowship Program to the General Assembly do not trigger lobbyist registration and services provided by Fellows under the Fellowship Program constitute a permissible gift to the state.

The Citizens Ethics Advisory Board concluded that the Chair of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority may take official action on matters that may affect the financial interests of her husband, who is employed as a Vice President by the Connecticut Green Bank, a quasi-public agency, provided (1) that she prepares and files a written conflict statement under General Statutes 1-86 (a), or (2) that the proposed mitigation mechanism has been set in place at, and is adhered to by, the Connecticut Green Edsall was a state employee as of December 28, 2016, the date he and UConn executed a binding and enforceable employment contract, and thathis subsequent negotiations with UConn concerning his sons salary (among other things) were therefore impermissible under General Statutes 1-84 (c); and (2) that 1-84 (c) prohibits Randy Edsalls son from being employed by UConn as one of his fathers assistant football coaches.

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