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erre Omidyar, his wife, and his top Omidyar Network director have logged in over a dozen visits to the Obama White House to visit senior officials and members of Obama’s National Security Council. Between 2011-2013, Omidyar Network co-funded with USAID regime-change groups in Ukraine that organized the 2014 Maidan revolution.

In India, the head of Omidyar Network’s operation, Jayant Sinha, concurrently worked for the far-right BJP Party leader Narendra Modi helping him take power in 2014, after which Modi appointed the Omidyar Network partner as his junior finance minister. Pierre Omidyar is a free-market libertarian loon who told Nobel Prize winner Mohammed Younus he refused to donate to the poor unless he could personally profit off of it.

What’s done is done, of course, but hopefully we can save what’s left of journalism.

To that end, we've produced the following handy Pierre Primer, ready to be cut out and pasted on the walls of First Look Media where it can easily be read by new hires...

Pierre is well aware of the fact that none of them would tolerate for even a second having anyone tell them what they are or are not permitted to write about.

Take Glenn Greenwald — fiercely independent, lawyer by training, famous for the lightening speed with which he has been able to dig up piles of incriminating research material on his adversaries and turn it around into published material.

Even this maestro of muckraking claimed to have been blindsided last year when Pando reported on the role Omidyar played co-financing the groups and figures that organized Ukraine’s Maidan revolution.

A few years later, hundreds of poor rural Indians committed suicide to avoid debt collectors working for one of Omidyar's for-profit microfinance lenders. Omidyar is the chairman of e Bay/Pay Pal, which boasts of its own private global police force that works “hand in glove with law enforcement agencies," including the DEA, to whom e Bay provides user data “on a silver platter” without subpoenas.

Omidyar's e Bay executives boast of arranging thousands of arrests around the world. Although Omidyar allegedly does not interfere in his journalists’ editorial, he does control all hiring and firing, budgets, approval of expenses for taxi rides and cocktails, snuffed months worth of investigative stories from leading investigative journalists, forces editorial staff to attend countless meetings, imposes task-management software on editorial, and “writes more internal messaging than anyone else.” But he does not interfere in editorial. Omidyar believes that journalists should help police arrest sources who leak stolen information from private for-profit companies.

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