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I also want to explore with my colleagues how we can be a little clearer about future feature and development plans to see if we can reduce some ambiguity.

As I say, I am pretty new, so I am still getting the lay of the land, but feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any further questions or concerns about this or any other issue. Weve gone through the only support channel that you have given us either to receive an empty response or even no response at all.

Hi Adam, Addy, Andreas, Ariya, Forbes, James, Henry, John-David, Juriy , Ken, Nicholas, Pascal, Sam, Sindre, My name is Jono and I started as Director of Community back in November at Git Hub.

Obviously I am pretty new at Git Hub, but I thought I would weigh in. I think it is essential that Git Hub always has a good sense of not just what works well for our users, but also where the pain points are.

If issue tracking and code reviews were based on a common, distributed system like git itself, then all these companies could compete evenly for features and UX on top of such a system, without ever having the advantage of "locking in" its users with extremely high migration costs.

I do not operate a popular OSS project, but I have experienced the 1 spam and it sucks. Interesting side note: With the exception of Selenium, most of signees are maintainers of JS/HTML OSS projects.

Every checkbox, text-field and dropdown you add to a page adds cognitive overhead to the process and Git Hub has historically taken a pretty solid stance against this.I wonder if we could objectively compare JS to projects in terms of the problems mentioned in the document.For example, there is a strong correlation between 1'ers and JS repos vs. Perhaps, we could walk away with JS devs are more chatty than CPP developers when discussing issues... Issues are often filed missing crucial information like reproduction steps or version tested.We have no visibility into what has happened with our requests, or whether Git Hub is working on them.I'd like to call out that the Git Hub user @isaacs maintains an unofficial repository[1] where the issues are "Issues for Git Hub".

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