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Within the directive’s framework, the ‘Law of Integral Protection of Women’ was sanctioned in Argentina in June 2009, and began to be implemented a year later.Putting theory into practice Creating new legislation is only half the battle.Carmen Argibay, Buenos Aires started working to form the Association of Female Judges Argentina (AMJA).“The AMJA resulted in more emphasis and impulses for changing the judicial situation of violence against women in Argentina,” explains Chaves.Abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological and economic, and it cuts across boundaries of age, race, culture, wealth and geography.

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However, when the offender arrived with a petition where 700 random people stated that he was a ‘good’ person, the judges suspended the case.” Police and judicial failings were also highlighted in the landmark verdict that sent Paz to jail for five years for abusing his ex-wife.The NGO ‘La Casa del Encuentro’, an Argentine association which is fighting against gender violence, estimates that there are more than 4.5 million female victims in Argentina.Last year, 260 women – more than four a week – died as a result of their abuse.They should provide more coordination and promotion of the activities and facilities with relation to decrease violence against women.Right now, the main ideas, laws and plans exist, but bringing those into practice and implementing them is a next step.” Over the years, many-predominately male-judges and police have been criticised for not having addressed complaints of gender violence from a broad enough perspective.

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