Dark stories about cyberdating

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It might have been too late, but Q made damn sure it wasn't too little.Even so, every time he so much as glimpsed James Bond, every time he heard or read his name, he recalled his failure."He has his reasons," Q allowed eventually."Whatever they may be," Alec Trevelyan replied.Credit where credit was due: Q might have met his match in programming."I do hope you have a valid reason for invading my sanctuary, double-oh-six," Q said, typing at the same time to figure out which weakness the machine used to change his settings."James trusts you," the agent claimed.Q was sure it was not anything nearly as clear-cut, but there had been certain undeniable…between him and the double-oh-seven from the first moment they had touched – the handshake at the gallery.

– Q replied to the sentient machine on the other side of the conversation.

He would have been the ideal disciple, were Q the type to take disciples. Ordinarily, his office was one of the safest places for him, outfitted with locks that counted as pinnacle of technology, but there had to be allowances made for the emergencies, and the double-oh agents were walking emergencies.- That, I am certain, will make sir very happy.

Alternatively, were Q anything like his brother (which to him seemed a fate worse than death), he would have wanted to call Stark… – was written on the screen, on the background of a picture of the Iron Man armor in flight, which the machine had managed to install as desktop background without Q's knowledge.

He could – and had – requisitioned enough technology to keep the servers safe from another Trojan horse of the metaphorical sort.

Nowadays the MI-6 had an established system of quarantine for any new data and a roster of techs employed to safeproof all information before it was allowed to be downloaded.

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