Dating and mating psychology

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We recruited mainland Chinese college students involved in steady, heterosexual romantic relationships to participate in two experiments.

In each study, we experimentally triggered participants' feelings of having relatively more or less money and then examined their thoughts and behaviors related to mating.

Whereas both men and women prefer an attractive mate, men are more likely to value a mate's physical attractiveness, which signals a woman's fertility and reproductive value, than women.

Interestingly, this difference was not significant for women.Additionally, findings from the two studies will help us better understand the processes of human mating and enrich the literature on evolutionary psychology.Next, we review the related literature and elaborate on how we built our research on prior work.On the basis of previous research findings and techniques, the current studies aimed to explore the effects of money on romantic relationships under the framework of evolutionary psychology.Specifically, we conducted two experiments and examined individuals' mating preferences and selectivity in response to the amount of money they possess in the long-term and extra-pair mating contexts.

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