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Dating a woman who is strong and direct is a major eye opener. If she doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t like her dinner, she’s going to tell you. She just knows that it’s better to just say what she means instead of hinting at it and hoping you get it. Don’t even try making lame excuses when you’re late to meet her. If you get into a fight with her, she’s not going to back down if she knows she’s right. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon.She’s definitely not like most other women and her candor is either refreshing or terrifying, depending on who you are. While many might think she’s too bold, she’s just being herself. Tell her the truth or just end the relationship now. It doesn’t matter if the truth is “you forgot.” She’d rather know than wonder why you’re hiding. You’re not going to wear her down and get her to apologize. If she’s not, the fight’s not over until you admit you’re wrong. Straightforward women have a bit of an adventurous streak. Here we apply a direct fossil dating, micro-drilling sampling approach that minimises damage to and destruction of precious museum specimens.We carried out a systematic U–Th dating study (Th-age profiles across three teeth exposed in cross-section, using micro-drilling and thermal ionisation mass spectrometry. Treat her right and she’ll make plenty of time for you. It’s part of the reason she’s not going to put up with any lies from you. She’d rather tell the truth and deal with any consequences immediately.

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Moreover, where critical samples do exist in such collections, sampling for direct geochronological analyses becomes a significant concern, especially where such sampling is destructive in nature.

The radiometric date confirms the chronology obtained through the stratigraphy and typological analysis of ceramics (1st–3rd century AD), and indicates that this bone-made tool not only represents the first archaeological anvil from the island but also constitutes the earliest evidence in the western Mediterranean.

We report a method for dating ancient human samples that uses the recombination clock.

We provide a comprehensive description of the lithic industry from Potočka zijalka, which represents one of the rare EUP assemblages of southern Central Europe with a representative number of lithic artefacts to be analysed from the perspective of lithic technology and raw material economy.

Our re-analysis of the Slovenian assemblages is backed by a series of 11 new ultrafiltered collagen 14C dates obtained directly on associated osseous projectile points from the studied assemblages.

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