Dating petersburg

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Fortunately many restaurants in the Burg are also dog friendly.

Hermitage Museum This emblematic place, which is perhaps the largest museum in the world, counts among its treasures Egyptian mummies, more Rembrandt paintings than the Louvre, and a collection of works of art of the twentieth century unique in the world.

Isaac's Cathedral, which dominates the Italian palaces and mansions surrounding the Admiralty.

Do not hesitate to climb the 262 stairs to the top to enjoy the fantastic view of the Neva, the Winter Palace and the Bronze Horseman, monumental equestrian statue of Peter I, made by Etienne Falconet.

Craft brewing and home brewing are all the rage in the Burg and they will have you saying “another beer, dear,” as they indoctrinate you to the wonders of the white IPA or the merits of oak fermentation and barrel-aged sour beers. Pete has the Rays Republic, the most ardent of baseball fans, which includes the Happy Heckler and DJ Kitty. So take comfort that it’s not just any date when they take you to the Shuffleboard Club; it means you’re the real deal. They’ll take you to Merry Pier or Pier 60 to catch your own dinner.

If they really like you, they may even get you your very own cowbell. Or they might take you boating off Tarpon Springs to hook your own grouper or snapper, or one of the many bays, creeks and bridges to drop a line.

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