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In South America, for example, the earliest well-attested instances of their presence do not reach back much beyond 3000 cal.

Whatever view one takes regarding the date of their initial domestication, hunter-gatherers unquestionably kept dogs in northern China, Russia’s Far East, Europe, and at least some parts of the Middle East prior to 10,000 years ago.

They are documented in the Western and Midwestern United States only shortly thereafter, and in early pastoralist contexts in Egypt’s Western Desert by around 6000 BC.

This widespread late Pleistocene/early Holocene distribution is not, however, matched south of 20°N.

It is on display at the Bullock Dillman Museum in Angol, Chile.

American naturalist, Dillman Samuel Bullock Lytle (1878-1971), excavated in that part of Chile (Arauco) during the mid XX century and uncovered funerary urns that were different to those used by the local Mapuche people (Huilliche) and whose size indicated a very small race.

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