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For one, what’s up with Zatanna (Serinda Swan) kissing Clark? What about Lois’ outfit, what are you hearing about that?

Some of the fans have dubbed your costumed self “Wonder Lane.” [] We have these great designers who made me an “Amazon princess” for the day, because we have to be careful not to do Wonder Woman.

As Lois finds herself in this situation, she realizes how much it affects her and how jealous she was about it… Lois and Chloe haven’t been around each other, their stories don’t overlap too much. And what’s nice about Allison is she an actress so she knows where you’re coming from.

It was a fun episode to do, but Lois didn’t like it very much! In “Warrior” you see that they still have their close, cousin relationship, but Lois alludes to the fact that “You need to get out and be with people more.” She doesn’t know Chloe’s doing, but she knows that she’s cut herself off from people and been off on her own. When somebody is coming from the other side [of the camera], it’s always helpful because they know how to say things in a certain way to help you out.

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Skipping ahead to next week’s episode, “Warrior,” a few of the released images have people talking. She doesn’t have to witness it, thank goodness – that’s something she wouldn’t want in her brain forever – but she does find out about it and deals with it in her very brash, Lois way, which I thought was great.Were you excited to see her get wrapped up in the Amanda Waller storyline?Absolutely, it’s really nice to get interwoven into that.On the occasion of ‘Smallville’s two-hour “Absolute Justice” event (Friday at 8/7c, The CW), we invited Erica Durance to preview Lois’ next big scoop and weigh in on the truly super romance currently unfolding on our screens. I asked Brian Peterson this question, and would now like to get your take: What was more difficult, keeping the Clark-Lois romance at arm’s length or now honoring it? It’s always tricky, when you’ve created this kind of angst-filled relationship, to figure out a great way for them to get together.Your mom’s not within earshot like the last time we talked, is she? So I think it was a lot more difficult figuring out how to honor this relationship.

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