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Sandy Hobbs sent photocopies of every chain letter that has appeared in the publications Dear Mr. I have received much needed help with foreign language chain letters. Natalia Kasprzak sent two Polish articles on chain letters and translated a Polish letter into English. Martinovich Vladimir Aleksandrovich provided Russian chain letters he collected, and has translated a Russian version of the Romance Game chain into English.

Twelve successive types of paper luck chain letters are identified which predominated US circulation at some time in the twentieth century.By testing hundreds of thousands of variations, chain letters have discovered and exploited our secret fantasies and vulnerabilities.In addition to this relentless probing of the human psyche, chain letters have an internal and irreversible history marked by fortuitous changes that emerged from the deadly competition between variations.Texts that appeal to superstition to encourage their copying or publication have circulated for over a thousand years.For English language letters, beginning around 1905, copy quotas and deadlines appeared and claims of divine authorship and magical protection were removed.

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