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After playing small acoustic sets in local restaurants and bars, he decided to turn his attention towards vocals and songwriting and one of his bands, post-hardcore group Aeris, was nominated for Best Rock Group in the 2013 Detroit Music Awards.

He is very influenced by the rock/pop/punk vocalists of the early-mid 2000’s, but thankfully, his wardrobe is not.

I also used a Fulltone OCD for some heavy guitar parts, an old Vox wah for “Down on the Turnpike” and an Analog Man ARDX20 delay slightly panned to widen the scope.

You’re also a collector and have a pretty amazing horde.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some old Teles, including the ’66 with an old Gibson T-top humbucker in the neck position that appears a lot on this record.

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Through a mix of high energy rock and dance songs, this band has something for everyone.

One thing that helps the guitar stand out on the CD is the use of lighter overdrive tones.

Most of these songs called for a more-natural crunch than high-gain overdrive.

The CD is a collection of hook-laden rock and roll originals that pay homage to the Beatles, the Byrds, Led Zeppelin, Rick Derringer, Mott the Hoople, and many other guitar-driven acts.

It’s classic solidbody swagger recorded with piles of vintage Gibsons and Fenders, stompboxes, and tube amps. Who are some of your influences – players and bands?

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