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In another story, a lovesick teen writes letters to himself just to get regular visits from the mailman he longs for.Meanwhile, a work-at-home employee accepts job assignments, with sex as a collateral.(Source: MU)1) Dearest neighbour I love you The hero realizes he has been in love with his best friend since their childhood.

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Now Sawamura is face-to-face with death by uncovering possible embezellment. Will Yasuke be the one to teach Sawamura how to correctly wield his sword?

(Source: MU)Hot Triangle is a collection of oneshots.

Miharu, an ordinary high school student, is always accompanied by two very popular, good-looking guys. Miharu thinks that somehow, he should become more independent, but his actions set the suppressed emotions of those two guys on fire...!?

MAGAZINE BEx BOY 2005: A___04/2005B___06/2005C___08/2005D___09/2005E___10/2005F___11/2005G___12/200514. BEx BOY GOLD 2005: A___02/2005B___04/2005C___06/2005D___08/2005E___10/2005F___12/200514. MAGAZINE BEx BOY 2006: A___01/2006B___02/2006C___03/2006D___04/2006E___05/2006F___07/2006G___08/2006H___09/2006I___10/2006K___11/200615. BEx BOY GOLD 2006: A___02/2006B___04/2006C___08/2006D___10/200616.

Anthology - Boku to kare to kare (Fukusuu Play Tokushuu)24.

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