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Last week I took a look at the mindset of what I called the “ideological drone“.

If we now look at the mindset of the US national security establishment we will immediately notice that is is almost the exact same as the one of the ideological drone.

Of course, Putin is a unpredictable master strategist and the folks around him are very, very smart.

Note: this post of mine is temporarily located in the ‘guest section’ because of the current fundraiser.

Once the fundraiser is over, I will place it back in the correct section. The Saker] If the first months of 2017 were a time of great hopes following the historical defeat of Hillary Clinton, the year is ending in a sombre, almost menacing manner.

Another major weakness of the F-22 is that, unlike the Su-30/Su-35, it does not have a real electronic warfare suite (the F-22’s INEWS does not really qualify).

In plain English this means that the F-22 was designed to maximize it’s low radar cross section but at a cost of all other aspects of aerial warfare (radar power, hypermaneuverability, electronic warfare, passive engagement, etc.).

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