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The gig: As a stylist, I dress celebrities for anything like a red carpet event to them going to the grocery store.It just kind of depends on the extent to which they want and need to be styled.I didn’t own my first pair of sweatpants until years after I graduated college.While everyone was going to class in sweatpants, I was fully dressed.Or if I’m having a bad day, I just pull one out and go oh, I did this the other day. Her tip for balling on a budget: Being fashionable is really being able to express yourself with what you have.

Her biggest lesson learned: One of the biggest challenges that I faced as an entrepreneur and as a stylist was that I had never interned or assisted under anyone.

So often times I doubted myself and didn’t want people to know that I was untrained even though I had the talent.

I beat myself up a lot until I realized we’re not born knowing everything and we have to go through life and learn as we go.

And they you’ll have a girl who went to Goodwill and spent on her whole outfit and everyone is asking her where she got it from.

There’s no direct correlation between how much you spend and how fashionable you.

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