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Configuration tab: View tab: So, there you have it, all in one place!

These Vusers are valid for all protocols except for GUI (UFT), COM/DCOM, and template protocols.

So when you compare different baselines you will know what the progress of your library has been like at a certain [email protected]: Test resources and libraries are very specific to individual projects and not a part of the main stream QA process. Hopefully we will do an article on how to do this [email protected]: document generator and the analysis tools are two different aspects. Thanks in the articles explained by you are very useful to understand QC . I was hoping for a series for the articles of Load Runner tool for performance testing . since this field is also emerging, It will be helpful as to how we configure various artifacts related to project in QC\ALM.

So it is beyond the scope of this series to go into them in detail. Document generator will have a word document with the details you wish to include and might include graphs. Hi, Thanks for your valuable tutorial, i was very impressed after seeing this 7days tutorial’s. I just started my new job in software testing and these information is really iuseful 4 me as a beginner in testing field.. Mapped this test case to both requirements R1 & R2 4.

If you are here for the first time, I highly recommend you to go through all the Quality center tutorials published as of now.

I’m sure after reading these tutorials you should be able to start using this tool on your live projects.

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