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Edited by Jamie Campbell Naidoo and Sarah Park Dahlen, this volume offers chapters on the representations of culture groups that are often ignored in examinations of diverse youth literature, while examining more common groups through a new lens or perspective.... Farmer offers librarians in or outside a school environment all the information they need to build a library literacy program geared towards these children.... (Ace), by Jack Mc Devitt and Mike Resnick, in which the two SF powerhouses team up in a near-future thriller that touches on one of the great conspiracy theories of our time: that NASA is keeping secrets about the Apollo program....

published by ALA Editions, introduces what autism spectrum disorders are and identifies the great need to build and manage programs for autistic youth. Speculative fictions—fantasy, science fiction, and horror—are often described first as escapism, a way to run away from this world on an armchair voyage through fantastic landscapes or the reaches of space.

ALA is now accepting applications for the 2014 class of Emerging Leaders.

Details on the program criteria and a link to the application can be found on the Emerging Leaders web page.

Inevitably, the presence of videogames in several community libraries also became part of the debate.”... Most would also tell some version of the Road to Damascus story.오늘은 커피를 사랑하는 유명인들이 이야기한 구절들을 모아봤습니다.여러분들은 커피에 대해서 어떻게 생각하시나요. 대표작: 덤앤더머, 마스크 ) 아침에 일어나 커피 한잔을 들고 앉아 나의 아름다운 창 밖 정원을 본다. 데이비드 린치 David Lynch (영화감독 대표작: 멀홀랜드 드라이브, 이레이저 헤드) 나는 카푸치노를 좋아한다. This future-focused issue examines how libraries are evolving in response to the digital revolution, exploiting opportunities in self-publishing, and confronting challenges in licensing constraints.

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