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These countries generally have more economic wealth, score higher on government response, have low levels of conflict, and are politically stable with a willingness to combat modern slavery.* Indicates nationally-representative Gallup survey data or data from multiple systems estimation was available for this country.The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people are subject to some form of modern slavery in the world today.The Index presents a ranking of 167 countries based on the proportion of the population that is estimated to be in modern slavery.Among the undercover agents are two Australians: Pete, a paramedic, and Vivienne, a former detective.While Vivienne’s job in the operation is to look after the girls as a ‘groomer’, Pete’s role is more confronting.“Part of it is a disgusting part and that's being one of the pedophiles, and I'm there to party, be one of the party goers and actually pretend that I want to have sex with one of these girls,” Pete said.“My other part of the Haiti job is that I'm a medical expert, and part of that is overseeing everyone in the team and making sure that all their health and safety is looked after.”On the day of the operation, the traffickers arrive at the resort accompanied by more than 30 girls.On a luxury yacht in the Caribbean, a group of men are waiting for their party guests to arrive - dozens of girls, some as young as 10 years old, who have been sold to the group for the evening by human traffickers. The men onboard the yacht, posing as pedophiles from the US and Australia, are actually undercover agents who have planning a dangerous rescue operation for more than a year.

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Some of these countries are characterised by government complicity, low levels of political will, or high levels of conflict and political instability.Due to the ongoing conflict and extreme disruption to government function, we have not included ratings for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria or Yemen.The governments that have the strongest response to modern slavery are The Netherlands, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Belgium and Norway.Some wealthier and more stable countries have also taken little action in combating modern slavery.When correlated against GDP (PPP), these countries include Qatar, Singapore, Kuwait, Brunei, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Japan and South Korea.

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