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Rated 3.98/5 based on 904 customer reviews

Longetivity was about 7-9 hours for me, sillage was weak and it became a skin scent after 2-3 hours while projection was non-existent after 2 hours.

Fragrance: 8/10 Longetivity: 7/10 Sillage: 5/10 Projection: 5/10 Verdict: Personally, i felt very disappointed by this fragrance as the previous reviewers fooled me into promises of a 'nuclear performance', unfortunately it didn't last longer than 9 hours with three spritz and the sillage/projection was pitiful for a £150 EDP.

Those reviews are based on pre-reformulation (2012) and first formulation (2013-2014) Interlude Man, current batches are on at least their third reformulation right now so what you get for £150 is an extremely watered down version of the previous review.

For those new to fragrantica and are seeking powerhouse fragrances, the IFRA in EU imposes sanctions on use of certain chemicals in perfumes and cosmetics which prevents most perfume houses from being able to reproduce the same quality and performance of their previous perfumes (vintage), so what you buy is a reformulated (watered down/weaker) version of what they previously had.

I happen to love this perfume, and to put it plain, I dont need it, nor do I necessarily want it to last 24 hrs or more.

Yanı beğeni oranları Türkiye coğrafyasında büyümüş birisi için referans olmamalı.

Yoksa özellikle ofis ortamında arkadaşlarınızı yıpratırsınız. Aromatic and fragrantly sweet, it jumps off the skin and makes itself known immediately.

The fragrances are available as 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Interlude Man was launched in [email protected] I didn't realise that they were now selling fake bottles of Interlude Man over at Notino!

This is a very special juice, never ever blind buy: you may like, but also you may hate .

Dua Fragrances "King's Precious Oud" which I own, has a striking similarity with Interlude Man.

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