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The Policy does not apply to the Student Regent or any faculty representative or staff advisors to the Regents. Free Speech and Academic Freedom Members of the University community enjoy significant free speech protections guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section I of the California Constitution.

Where appropriate, the Office of the General Counsel shall provide a complainant with a written explanation of rights and available options for reporting to and/or notifying law enforcement or other campus authorities of the alleged misconduct. Investigation Upon determining that a formal investigation is warranted, the Office of the General Counsel shall, with the concurrence of at least two of the three Regent panel members, appoint an investigator who may or may not be a University employee (“Investigator”).Such a finding shall be made by the Board only after an investigation directed by the Office of the General Counsel.The Office of the General Counsel shall, as provided herein, consult with a three member panel (“the Regent panel”) comprising the Chair of the Board, the Vice Chair of the Board, and the Chair of the Governance and Compensation Committee; provided that, if one of the members of the panel cannot, in light of the allegations or for any other reason, appropriately serve, the other two members of the panel shall jointly select a third panel member.The Board may remove or terminate a sanction, either automatically or by administrative discretion, in individual cases.The severity and type of sanction selected for a particular offense must be appropriately related to the nature and circumstances of the case.

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