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The Wise Size™ product offering provides a packaging solution for efficiencies in your business.

New smaller case sizes and a sleek, uniform poly design have been developed for an assortment of popular products.

( I understand that "Docker" is made of multiple pieces and that you can update/install those independently.

updating 5310-70

NMDOT Staff is making presentations to the State’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) through November of 2017 to solicit input for the Rail Plan.The company touts many improvements like a more prominent back button, better contrast so text is easier to read, and more.But for the most part it’s just a reskin with both improvements and regressions.Facebook is updating its Android app with a complete redesign.The app now features round profile photos, bubbles for the comments, new Like and comment buttons, bigger link previews, and more.

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