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But, Blue isn't from Calabasas — she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York." data-reactid="27"Almost every profile on Amina Blue starts with an anecdote about her size.That's because she's only 5'1", yet has walked the runway for Kanye West a whopping five times."But I was always short, so I knew being a model might not work out." Yet it did.After early gigs in "urban music videos" for people like A$AP Ferg, 50 Cent, and Future, and what she describes as "sexier photo shoots," Blue was able to pivot into a more high-fashion career, thanks in part to one of the most influential artists of our generation."I’ve been turned down because of my height [in the past], but slowly, the fashion world is accepting that every girl isn’t tall and skinny, and I like to think I have some sort of contribution to that," she explains, noting that her ability to gain the confidence to ignore stereotypes and overcome rejection ultimately helped propel her career. That's because she's only 5'1", yet has walked the runway for Kanye West a whopping five times.This makes her a unicorn in the rarefied world of modeling.Both Williamson and Macdonald will continue to be sponsored by Marks & Spencer for their shows this week.The sponsorship scheme was launched in 1993 and has helped Alexander Mc Queen, Antonio Berardi and Clements Ribeiro.

Shows from the rest of Europe included French labels, Eric Bergere and Veronique Leroy.Chris Smith admitted yesterday that: "I'm wearing a boring old M&S suit because I've come straight from the office." But, he added, "My tie is by Ozwald Boateng." Pressed as to the other designer names in his wardrobe, he said he also has ties by Paul Smith.Deborah Milner, Paul Smith, and Tristan Webber have been given slots for the first time on the five-day official schedule.His label, Made in England, promises to cash in on the concept of Cool Britannia.The name alone will ensure a following in Japan and the United States.

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