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There are loads of natural bodybuilders who are huge next to Zac. It just seems like on DL, nobody ever has a naturally muscled body.[quote]Surprisingly little hard evidence of health risk from roids after lots of user years.[quote]I'm not quite sure this is true. When a bodybuilder has an MI at 40, everyone is sure it's due to roids. The news and social media choose which cases to highlight.Steroid effects, delts proportionally larger than biceps, pecs very big, extreme vascularity, quad and hams grow well, acne on upper back, oily skin. I believe that the main reason anabolic steroids were made Class III was that the "war on drugs" was an embarrassing failure for the DEA.HGH and testosterone have been used for years in Hollywood. Obviously he could've used steroids or hormones but he might've just as well done it naturally. It's one of those things everybody is certain of without knowing any real evidence.Knowing his (alleged) history with drugs it's possible he went the easier route but you can certainly get that body without any illegal substances as well. Absolutely true that ridiculous doses are very harmful, but that's true of everything including pain water, table salt etc.I swear, on DL, steroids are more taboo than coke, heroin or meth. If he's been using steroids, he's been doing short cycles or using one of the very light varieties (anavar, primobolan, etc). The most a person can add per year is between 15 and 20 pounds of muscle. Now if you're the type of person who has fat spread out all over, (Puerto Ricans are like this), it can look good as the fat is proportional with the muscle.

I though he was likeable in The Paperboy and that was just 2012, so maybe shot in 2011? He's short and you can tell his body wasn't really made to be a bodybuilder's. All I can think of now when I see him is how much better he'd look drenched in cum. I agree that by the looks of things he's much more likely on HGH than steroids.

Zac hasn't suddenly become a muscle hunk, he's been getting there for years already. I mean, what does he have to do all day besides workout, skateboard, bang that bi-racial model he's dating and be hot.

He probably works out for hours.[quote]Yes, he blew up quickly. I think he's been getting more muscles little by little.

Yep, there are many, many men in the gym with bodies like that. Guys that are jealous of them accuse them of using steroids.

If you werent so lazy and undisciplined, you would be in the gym and eating right instead of making false accusations against buff dudes.

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